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System Engineering For The Veterans Affairs

​Department of Justice , and Department of Defense

Spahr Solutions Group, LLC (SSG) offers a variety of specialized skills and services support for Federal Government clients in the Information Technology and Hi Tech sector. We seek to support innovative programs requiring specialized technology skills and agile life cycle practices. We support the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Justice (DOJ), Veterans Affairs (VA), and other Federal agencies.

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Systems Engineering for the Veterans Affairs

At Spahr Solutions Group we believe innovative solutions come from a combination of technical expertise, proper application of agile/flexible life cycle practices, and a culture where risk is viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow. Communication, collaboration and teamwork are the hallmarks of innovative teams. Our culture supports these values, and our managers are skilled in these agile practices. We provide support for agile application development for the DoD, agile data analytics for the DOJ, Sytems Engineering for the Veterans Affairs, and other Federal clients.
Software development is inherently risky. Regardless how much effort is expended to develop detailed requirements up front, the application requirements will never be fully known before developers begin to code. Programs supporting application development for the DoD has proven this fact many times. The proper use of agile life cycle methodologies greatly increases program success and customer satisfaction. The DoD and DOJ are quickly adopting agile application development methodologies. Application development for the DoD, DOJ, VA and others is a core service offering provided by Spahr Solutions Group.
One of the truly exciting developments of our digital age is the promise of big data. Data analytics for the DOJ is particularly interesting. As various applications continue to expand, the use of Enterprise Data Warehouses is becoming more prevalent. The DoD and DOJ are quickly discovering the power of data analytics in support of the their critical missions. Data analytics for the DOJ is uncovering previously unknown relationships between various actors which assists in the prosecution of law enforcement actions. Data analytics for the DOJ, DoD, VA and others is a core service offering provided by Spahr Solutions Group.
Understanding the system of systems (SoS) in which an application must be integrated is an important consideration in every design effort. The Veterans Affairs launched a large system of systems approach in support of their missions. Systems engineering for the Veterans Affairs is paramount as they work to transform their services.  We believe Systems Engineering is a natural extension of our application development and data analytics support services. Systems Engineering for the Veterans Affairs, DoD, DOJ and others is a core service offering provided by Spahr Solutions Group.