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Mission First, Agile Smart
Program/Project Management: 

Welcome to Spahr Solutions Group, LLC - the applications development, data analytics, systems engineering, and agile program management expert you can count on.
Dedicated to the service of the United States Federal Agencies, Spahr Solutions Group, LLC takes pride in delivering outstanding application development and Data Analytics for the Departments of Defense (DoD), Department of Justice (DOJ), Veterans Affairs (VA) and others. Spahr Solutions Group, LLC (SSG) offers a variety of specialized skills and services support for Federal Government clients in the Information Technology and Hi Tech sector. We seek to support innovative programs requiring specialized technology skills and agile life cycle practices. 
At Spahr Solutions Group we believe innovative solutions come from a combination of technical expertise, proper application of agile/flexible life cycle practices, and a culture where risk is viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow while providing superior customer support in terms of best in class solutions. We seek programs where clients are looking for innovation, share our core beliefs in agile approaches, and wish to integrate us in to their teams to work hand in hand to find the best solutions to their needs. Our Program and Project Management staff will be current on applicable project technologies, and also experienced with agile practices appropriate to support the client’s goals. 
Application Development: 

Our application development services can be tailored to each department's precise requirements, so we deliver exactly what is needed by our client at any given time.
At Spahr Solutions Group, LLC, we are truly passionate about helping the country through exceptional technical services that are geared towards improving various processes within our client’s programs.
Software development is inherently risky. Regardless how much effort is expended to develop detailed requirements up front, the application requirements will never be fully known before developers begin to code. History is replete with examples of failed application development projects where this simple principle was not addressed in the development life cycle. Since the late 1990’s the community of software developers has moved towards agile development processes with tremendous success. Extreme Programming, Crystal, DSDM are just a few of the early process life cycles that developers used to increase project success. The DoD and DOJ have both realized the importance of agile development life cycles and generally adopted SCRUM and DevOps in recent years. Other Government agencies are also following suit. Application development for the DoD and DOJ is a core focus for Spahr Solutions Group.

At Spahr Solutions Group we are experienced with these agile life cycles and will continue to employ and develop agile techniques in our software and application development for the DOD, DOJ, VA and others. We seek clients who share our belief that agile development life cycles are necessary for success in the software development discipline, and are willing to integrate our subject matter experts in to their teams to work closely with client stakeholders and other key client personnel.

​Data Analytics For The DoJ

​Department of Defense, and Veterans Affairs

One of the truly exciting developments of our digital age is the promise of big data and data analytics. 
As various applications continue to expand and the data they create and consume grows, the use of Enterprise Data Warehouses is becoming more prevalent. Our Data Analytics for the DOJ and others can be tailored to each department's precise requirements.
Spahr Solutions Group provides Data Analytics for the DOJ and others, to include enterprise data warehouse development, and big data analytics utilizing tools like Hadoop. This structured data combined with unstructured data from a variety of other data sources holds great promise in terms of useful information that can be used by Government clients to fulfill their mission in defense of our nation and local communities. Much like software development, an agile approach of short development cycles and rapid prototyping of various data models can produce tremendous results unlocking previously unknown information. The adoption of cloud computing with its tremendous compute power, and tools like Hadoop and others, provides a platform of innovative projects seeking to explore and discover new information which can be used to drive new applications in support of DoD and Law Enforcement missions. As an example, Data Analytics for the DOJ is providing associations between various actors previously unknown to authorities. This new information has been used to assist with investigations and prosecutions. At Spahr Solutions Group data analytics is a natural extension of our application development services.
Systems Engineering:

In every development effort we believe there is a requirement to understand the system of systems (SoS) in which the development effort is to be integrated.
Spahr Solutions Group also provides systems engineering for the Veterans Affairs and others as we expand our technical services and agile practices in to larger programs of record.    
Understanding the system of systems (SoS) in which the application must reside is an important consideration in every design effort. At Spahr Solutions Group it is not only a natural extension of our core application development services, but also a necessity to understand and develop the overall integrated system. We seek clients who understand the importance of overall system engineering and design, focus on service oriented architecture (SOA), and look to develop platforms that are naturally integrated so the full capability of the system subsets can be leveraged. We deliver agile approaches combined with the latest technologies for the interoperation of independently evolving systems of systems. Systems engineering for the Veterans Affairs, as they modernize their critical services to our veteran community, is a key focus area for Spahr Solutions Group.   
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